Bookkeeping and Invoicing Made Easy With Kashoo Accounting Software


Kashoo is an online accounting solution which is simple to use. It also simplifies the way bookkeeping and invoicing is done online. With a minimal effort, the program helps users to master their books in a way that makes sense.

Users are able to access their financial information even while they are on the go and receive a high-level of customer support as well. It has changed the way organizations interact with their businesses through an offering of the following features:

1. Invoices

The creation and sending of invoices to clients is a breeze on this software. There is a provision for custom templates which businesses can use for creating professional invoices. You are sure of clients receiving the invoices you send instantly which results in a positive cash flow. At a glance, it also displays information on those who owe your business and also provide you with the necessary information to follow them up in real-time.

2. Expense Tracking

Kashoo offers all the tools necessary to help you track your expenses as it instantly updates each one as it is made. All you need is to snap a picture of the receipt you get for a business purchase or attach the file, and in a matter of seconds, it is logged into Kashoo.

The application also has the ability to file each expense in the right account, so you do not have to worry about where to find it during tax time. The capability of this program ensures that businesses that use it do not miss any expense.

3. Insightful Reports

Whether it is your unpaid invoices or the organization’s balance sheet that you require, this application is designed to produce each of these reports. A provision of these standard financial reports helps business owners and executives to make smart business decisions and also prepare an accurate tax filing. The reports generated can be sent to a tax preparation professional or your accountant.

4. Real-Time Bank Feeds

Kashoo syncs with over 5,000 banks across the globe and this ability helps it to reconcile your bank account and your accounting system automatically. This can be time-saving for users.

Kashoo accounting software offers so many benefits to its users. It offers small businesses all the features they need to do their own accounting online. The program always ensures that you are ready for tax time, make payroll, grow your business, and take on new clients.