How Integrify Promotes Business Productivity


Organizations are more productive when they employ the use of Integrify to design forms, build workflows, and also track everything. Its abilities include using the application’s portal for accessing forms, tracking progress, as well as review and approve. Based on the information collected on your forms, ensure accuracy and trigger workflow.

Integrify goes ahead to deal with the process of routing information, applying business rules, and integrating. At the end of it all, it offers reporting to help users analyze trends and bottlenecks and also enable measuring it all in detail. Lots of users love Integrify because it offers them everything they need in workflow management within the following platforms:

1. Cloud

There are great features to enjoy if you decide to host this platform in the cloud. A drag and drop workflow builder allows you to easily build what you want while also making ‘form builder builder’ available.

Provision is also made for the staff of an organization in the form of employee portal builder while custom reporting allows users to get the reports they need in the format that works best for them. It can be accessed from any mobile device, and it is maintenance-free.

Besides the fact that you get automatic updates, the application allows for API access and implementation services. Training/coaching is also available with plug-ins.

2. Private Cloud

On this platform hosted on a private cloud, users get to enjoy all the features on Cloud and some extra. It supports international hosting and a dedicated instance. Users also get to enjoy direct SQL access and encryption at REST. One other feature available on this platform is the fact that it is SSO Enabled or SAML2 supported.

3. On-Premise

When you choose to host this platform on-premise, you enjoy all the features available on Private Cloud except getting automatic updates and maintenance-free. This is because it is not hosted in the cloud, so updates are not done automatically while the need for maintenance exists for applications hosted on-premise. Apart from these two obvious facts, this platform has every other feature available on this program.

Integrify Software is subscription-based. Each of the platforms listed above can be enjoyed upon payment of an annual subscription. It is designed to be flexible so the individual needs of its users can be easily met. As a result, there are no flat pricing rates. Users are expected to contact the sales team for a quote.