Increase Efficiency Using QuickBooks Inventory Management Software by Fishbowl


This manufacturing and warehouse management solution easily automates manufacturing, asset tracking, and warehouse. It supports the creation of work orders, bill of materials and is capable of updating data in real-time.

QuickBooks Inventory Management Software can be used to manage multiple warehouses to ensure that stockouts and overstocks are avoided. The platform is capable of integrating with popular applications to extend its capabilities. Some of its major features include:

1. Manufacturing

QuickBooks enables the generation of work orders necessary for jobs such as assembly, repair, replacement, and disassembly. There is no point in always generating work orders or bills of materials anytime you want to use it as this application comes with the ability to save them to make it simpler to use in future projects.

It also ensures that time and money is saved as it eliminates the lengthy processes typically involved with manufacturing. The program also supports the calculation of inventory needs as a means of avoiding the production of too many or too few products. One other ability includes the tracking of inventory across every step involved in operations from ordering to delivery.

2. Warehouse

It is possible to get real-time updates of inventory to enable you to know the level of your stock. To avoid stockouts, simply set an automatic reorder point for your products up. It also integrates with online shopping carts and eCommerce solutions to extend its capabilities. Some of the popular solutions which it integrates with are QuickBooks, Ready, Salesforce, UPS, and so on.

3. Asset Tracking

It makes the tracking of items easy through the use of lot numbers, expiration dates, serial numbers, and other methods. Users are also empowered to monitor asset levels in multiple locations and easily make transfers when necessary from one location to another. It is also capable of converting units of measure in order to separate a pallet into separate units and vice versa.

Some other abilities include picking, packing, and shipping items with higher accuracy and efficiency following the offer of the right tools. QuickBooks Inventory Management by Fishbowl helps businesses to cut down on shortages and overstocks to ensure businesses maintain a healthy balance of assets on hand.

The program is both intuitive and friendly. It runs flawlessly to keep users continuously updated while allowing the effective management of brands. The program is an inventory management solution designed to improve an organization’s efficiency as well as its bottom line.