Intuit Payroll and Its Four Pricing Plans


The employees of every organization are their valuable assets. They are the ones who deal with clients and easily serve them well once they are positively engaged. Intuit Payroll ensures that employees of an organization are kept happy through its ability to have them paid quickly and easily.

It offers everything required by an organization to manage employees. There are four pricing plans on offer to help businesses achieve an efficient payroll system. They include:

1. Enhanced Payroll With Simple Start

Users are required to pay the sum of $16 monthly for this plan. An additional charge of $2 is made per employee on a monthly basis. This plan supports the creation of custom invoices and allows for such invoices to be sent and easily tracked. The other things which can be tracked on this plan are the income and expenses of a business.

Creating and managing estimates is also a breeze. On this plan, Intuit enables the syncing of bank accounts and apps. Most importantly, it is capable of paying the employees of a business and also filing payroll taxes.

2. Enhanced Payroll With Plus

This is the plan that follows the first and costs $26 each month in addition to a $2 per employee charge. It supports all the features available on Enhanced Payroll With Start. Users who are on this plan are empowered to manage and pay bills. They also get at their disposal an instant sales and profit report. The plan goes ahead to support the tracking of inventory as well as the preparation and printing of 1099s.

These first two pricing plans are designed for users who want to do payroll on their own. Intuit is very flexible and has another set of pricing plans for those who want their payroll to be done for them. The plans which fall under this category are:

3. Full-Service Payroll With Simple Start

A monthly fee of $34 is required on this plan while the charge of $2 per employee monthly remains. It shares all the features of Enhanced Payroll With Simple Start except that rather than pay employees and file payroll taxes by yourself, it is done for you. Intuit also guarantees that your paychecks and payroll taxes are error-free.

4. Full-Service Payroll With Plus

It costs $44 on a monthly basis and the sum of $2 for each employee per month to enjoy this plan. The difference between this plan and Enhanced Payroll With Plus is the fact that the payment of your employees and the filing of taxes are done on your behalf. There is also a guarantee that paychecks and payroll taxes are error-free.

These are the available pricing plans on Intuit Payroll.