Megaventory and Its Unique Features


Megaventory is an efficient cloud solution with three pricing plans which only differs regarding locations, users, and products limit. Apart from these, every other feature is the same.

The plans are Starter, Business, and Corporate and cost $9.90, $49.90, and $99.90 per month respectively. In terms of locations supported and maximum number of users allowed on each plan, it is 1, 5, and 10 respectively, while the maximum number of products allowed on each plan are 300, 5,000, and 20,000 respectively.

Below are some of the other features shared by all of these plans.

1. Inventory Management

The application supports its users to manage multiple inventory locations effortlessly. You can also activate stock alert levels to ensure you never run out of a product and lose sales. It is designed to capably handle the return of goods from clients as well as goods returned to suppliers.

Megaventory offers serial numbers support which makes it easy to monitor items. Tracking the availability of a supplier and lead times is a breeze on this platform. The program comes with the ability to trace inventory changes over a given period of time.

2. Order Fulfillment

This tool deals with the sales orders which you get from clients. It is also used for sending purchase orders to suppliers. All the contacts you have are easily stored and managed on this platform with the ability to prepare sales quotes for clients. Some other features include shipping providers, partial shipping and receiving, as well as sale on consignment.

3. Reporting

Always be in the know of everything concerning your stock using the reports offered by Megaventory. You get to know about inbound and outbound movements as well as the availability levels of your products at the speed of now.

It also shows the gross profit your business makes from sales as well as the value of your inventory. The reports generated by this application can be shared with users, and you easily track items using their serial numbers. The software is also Business Intelligence ready.

4. Customizations

Megaventory is flexible and supports customizations to allow your business project its brand. It is multi-lingual and comes with customizable user strings. Multiple integrations are possible in this application which comes with rich and straightforward APIs. Provision is also made for custom document as well as invoice templates.

Megaventory is easy to use and can be accessed across multiple devices. It requires minimal setup and is quick to learn.