Nintex Workflow Automation Software Just Works


It is easy for employees of an organization to collaborate when Nintex Workflow Automation Software is implemented. The application is simple to use and supports a point and click workflow capable of connecting everyone, departments and existing systems within an organization.

Irrespective of the platform where an organization’s content is kept, this solution is capable of automating processes. It offers the following solutions to enable each department scale their challenges by helping people work together:

1. Finance

Finance is vital to every business and its daily operations. Nintex Workflow puts the right processes in place to ensure that bottlenecks which are capable of bogging a business down are eliminated. It is capable of reducing risk as it improves data accuracy and visibility. It offers tools which improve the control of business expenses and ensures that regulatory compliance is maintained.

2. Human Resources

Your people are the greatest assets of the business you run. A lot of processes are undertaken by the HR department which results from its broad reach across an organization. It boasts of company-wide policies which affect everyone within a business. This application helps a HR team to manage their processes efficiently while cutting down the time which is typically spent doing paperwork.

3. Information Technology

Nintex can help your organization improve its IT processes. It aids IT staff in the performance of their responsibilities that keeps a business running. This is possible because IT and process management go hand-in-hand. The application allows its users design as well as manage their typical IT processes easily. Such processes include hardware and software inventory as well as help desk requests. This ability saves organizations a lot of valuable time and resources.

4. Operations

The operations department of every organization is synonymous with processes because that is what they are built on. Nintex Workflow can be used to improve the operational processes of an organization through its ability to make it simplified. By eliminating the need for a drawn-out process, tasks are performed faster.

5. Customer Service

The solution which Nintex offers enables organizations to improve their first contact resolution rate which results in an increased customer satisfaction rate. Improvements are noticed by businesses that make use of this application in the area of customer profit margin. Most importantly, the application also brings about an increase in the engagement rate of employees.

Nintex Workflow Automation Software is designed to solve the process challenges experienced by organizations across their various departments.