Solve That Accounting Problem With AccountEdge


This business accounting solution has been around since 1989 for the Mac desktop user and offers small-sized organizations the control they need to succeed. The accuracy of its accounting offers organizations the stability and reliability they require to grow. It is powerful and affordable. The software is powerful, affordable, and easy to set up. It has some wonderful features such as:

1. Lead Tracking

With the help of AccountEdge Pro a business can create leads and easily track them as well. This feature is a welcome addition and supports the conversion of leads to customers. It enables users to track the status of a lead and also determine the source of a lead too. It comes with reports which indicate how long it takes a business to convert leads among other things.

2. Commission Tracking

All this feature requires is for you to decide on a fixed percentage or amount to use as commission. You can also create a custom rate for each item or each particular activity. Following your assignment of commission rates by salespersons, you can then choose to pay commissions based on the day a sale is made or paid for.

3. Serialized Inventory

The importance of tracking inventory cannot be overemphasized, and this feature ensures that manufacturers, resellers, wholesalers, and other businesses that are item-based easily track serial numbers. This covers the entire process from purchase all through to sales. It can also be used beyond that for warranty tracking.

4. Expanded Tax Code Field

To ensure the accuracy of your payroll computation, AccountEdge allows its users to create tax codes which can have a length of 5 characters. This ability takes care of the needs of organizations that require to have tax codes created for multiple states. It also helps organizations deal with multiple tax jurisdictions and authorities demanded by certain states and provinces.

5. Logging Out Active Users

Administrators are empowered on this application to view users within the organization who are active and log them out gracefully if there is a need for it. The importance of this arises from the fact that a user’s computer may fall asleep while the person remains connected to a company file. Administrators are able to do this through File/Active Workstations.

AccountEdge helps businesses to handle sales, purchases, billing for time, managing contacts, as well as tracking and building inventory. It is easy to set up and very user-friendly. The application also offers email support and a knowledge base.