The Best Business Management Tools for Small Businesses

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Small businesses need to be efficient to stand any chance of optimizing resources and grow as well. They are able to achieve this with the help of business management tools that automate daily tasks allowing them to focus on growing the business.

Some of the best management tools for small businesses include:

1. Telzio

This application empowers small businesses to run an office phone-system via the internet. This comes with so many benefits such as enabling teams to manage calls and messages across different devices. Being a cloud-based application, it can be accessed from any part of the globe as long as an Internet connection exists.

Its pricing does not include termination fees or lock-ins. The visual and intuitive web interface of Telzio offers small businesses an easier way of establishing, running and maintaining their employees’ phone-system.

2. G-Suite

There are lots of functionalities available for small business use on Google Suite. It can be used to purchase a domain and also to track analytics on the website created. You can also set up an email client with it as well as launch and manage ad campaigns.

The most interesting fact is that the cost of the apps in the G-Suite is affordable for a small business. This platform built by Google allows small businesses to manage all of their business needs from a single location.

3. GoCo

One of the complex aspects of running a small business is HR. With so much to do, keeping track of benefits and other matters that concern employees can be time-consuming. GoCo is designed to streamline HR workflow processes such as onboarding employees as well as off-boarding them, performance management, document management, time-off tracking, compliance, and benefits administration. It also integrates seamlessly with currency payroll and management software.

4. Upwork

This platform provides the opportunity for individuals to work as independent contractors rather than seek employment as employees. Small business owners who need social media managers, web developers, and so on, can hire individuals to work for them as freelancers.

Among the benefits of using freelancers on Upwork is the opportunity of vetting who you choose to growth hack your small business.

5. Intercom

Building a healthy relationship with customers will help small businesses grow as they retain their loyalties. Intercom is designed to improve communication between customers and online-based small businesses.

The functionalities available on Intercom makes it possible for customers to be educated via live chats. This improves interaction between both parties and keeps customers engaged with a small business.