Wasp Inventory Control Software Eliminates Stock-Outs


The inventory management solution, Wasp Inventory Control Software, offers its users a quick and accurate count of physical inventory. This capability eliminates the occurrence of being out of stock or having to deal with write-offs which typically result from poor inventory control.

You can rely on this platform to maintain your full inventory right from the dock where it is loaded to the end user. This efficient and effective inventory control software is designed to enhance the operations of a business. Some of its features include:

1. Warehouse Management

Right from the loading stage to the delivery truck, Wasp enables warehouse operations to be run smoothly. Based on its ability to efficiently manage inventory, businesses are able to cut unnecessary spending.It also helps to increase productivity and minimize downtime. One of the application’s many abilities is to trigger reorder alerts whenever an item runs low on stock.

The application makes it easy for your business to create purchase orders for reorder items and have them sent directly to your vendors from the software.Its scan-centric receiving tool accurately scans items quickly as soon as they arrive from a purchase order.

2. Consumables Tracking

Take advantage of this feature and also save time and money in the process. The consumables and supplies tracking feature eliminates any need there is for manual supplies management. By simplifying the process of an inventory going out, to whom it goes, and when it leaves, Wasp makes the management of inventory effective.

It offers barcode scanning capabilities which make the performance of audits and picking of inventory a quick and accurate task. Businesses are able to save time and money by speeding up the process and eliminating errors as they implement this system.

3. Manufacturing Process Management

As you gain a full oversight of materials inventory, Wasp improves your line production. Manufacturers are able to operate efficiently and save money as they make use of this inventory solution to track their manufactured products effectively.

It handles this efficiently from the raw materials stage to the finished products before it is sent out. The application’s ability to easily see the inventory of all items and also determine what needs to be ordered saves manufacturer’s time. As a result, there is no need to spend unnecessarily on items which are well stocked.

Many organizations trust Wasp Inventory Control Software for its ability to streamline the order process and automatically generate purchase orders using its triggered alerts tool.